Crane accident

Crane Accident Compensation

I want to claim for crane accident compensation but I’m not sure how to proceed. Where do I even begin?

The first thing that must be established when making a crane accident compensation claim is that you have indeed suffered an injury that was sustained during your employment and that the injury was due to the negligence of your employer.

Employers are required to provide their employees with a safe working environment. This should encompass all aspects of operating a crane, from risk assessment to care, and by ensuring that all persons involved at ground level is capable of performing the task to which they have been assigned. When an employer is found to have breached his or her duty of care, he is liable for any injuries from crane accidents.

As most injuries sustained in crane accidents are of a serious nature, it is assumed that an ambulance would be called immediately after an injury to a worker has been sustained. Even if the accident was relatively minor it is imperative that medical attention was sought as soon as practically possible, not only to ensure your health and safety, but that any notes recorded in your medical history can be used to support your claim.

To further support your claim for crane accident compensation, any witness details should be gathered and your injury recorded in the company’s Accident Report Book. If it was at all possible, pictures should have been taken at the scene of the accident.

Even if you did not carry out all of the standard procedures, you may still be able to make your claim for crane accident compensation. However, it is recommended that you engage a solicitor to assist with your claim in order to ensure that all required documents have been compiled and that your accident and subsequent injuries, and the impact the injuries have had on your life are adequately represented on your application form for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland.

It is also worth noting that because of the potential for crane accident compensation claims to result in significant settlements, you may be approached directly by your employer’s insurance company with an unsolicited offer of early settlement. Such offers can often leave an accident victim undercompensated and should always be referred to a personal injury solicitor who can enter negotiations with the insurers and ensure that a fair and appropriate amount of compensation for your crane accident in agreed upon.

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