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Compensation Awarded to RTE Employee for Work Fall

February 28th, 2012. By Compensation News.

An employee of RTE, who fell and injured his elbow while trying to unsnag a curtain during a show rehearsal for The Saturday Night Show, has been awarded 18,500 Euros in work fall compensation at the Circuit Civil Court.

Arthur McMullan (59) of Goatstown, Dublin, was working for the national broadcaster as a props assistant when the incident occurred in the RTE Donnybrook studios in February 2010. While trying to unsnag the stage curtain from a mirror ball, Arthur fell over a studio floor lamp and injured his left elbow.

In his claim for work fall compensation, Arthur alleged that RTE were aware of the curtain consistently presenting a problem and, in support of his claim, the court was shown a video clip of a broadcast show in which presenter Brendan O´Connor had to hold back the curtains during a performance by doo-wop band The Overtones.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane at the Circuit Civil Court also heard Arthur´s compensation claim for work falls support by a colleague at the RTE studios, who claimed that the curtains had been an ongoing problem for a number of years. Arthur´s legal advisors also advised the judge that Arthur still felt pain in his elbow two years after the injury had been sustained.

After hearing the evidence in relation to Arthur´s fall at work compensation claim, Judge Jacqueline Linnane awarded Arthur 18,500 Euros in compensation.

Poster Injury Compensation Claim Settled

February 26th, 2012. By Compensation News.

A woman who walked into a Dublin advertising poster, and sustained head and neck injuries, has settled her poster injury compensation claim for 38,000 Euros.

Sandra Memery (48)  was leaving her local McDonald´s restaurant with her daughter on 16th September 2009 when the accident happened. Having turned back towards her daughter to give her a bag, she started walking forward again, and immediately hit her head on the corner of the poster campaigning on behalf of Fianna Fail for a “Yes” vote in the second Lisbon Treaty referendum.

After feeling unwell for almost a day, Sandra visited her doctor, where she was diagnosed with lacerations to her scalp, a swelling over her right temporal and soft tissue damage to her neck. Sandra, who is 5 ft 5 in tall (1.65m) made a compensation claim for low hanging poster injury, stating that the campaign poster should have a minimum of three metres clearance from the floor.

Contesting the poster injury compensation claim, Fianna Fail and Executive Posters Ltd jointly claimed that Sandra was responsible for her own injuries through contributory negligence and should have paid more attention to where she was walking. However, shortly before Sandra´s poster injury compensation claim case was about to be heard at Dublin´s Circuit Civil Court, her legal representatives announced to the court that a compensation settlement had been agreed upon in the amount of 38,000 Euros.

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