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Consistency Restored to Compensation Settlements by New Book of Quantum

September 24th, 2016. By Compensation News.

In the coming weeks, a new Book of Quantum will be published that will enable to courts and others settling personal injury claims to make the process fairer.

First published in 2004, the Book of Quantum is a reference text that lists a broad range of injuries and provides estimates of compensation settlements for those who suffered said injuries through accidents that were not their fault. To make the awards fairer, subcategories were created to allow settlements to be based upon severity and permanence of the injuries.

However, as the book has not been updated in twelve years, many claim that it is out of date and no longer facilitates the fair awarding of compensation settlements. Many judges and solicitors have ignored the estimates provided, whilst others still use them but only use the highest sum provided. This means that there is an inequality across the system.

Dissatisfied with current affairs, some of Ireland’s senior judges engaged the Courts Services and Injuries Board Ireland to write a new, updated Book of Quantum. The new data comes from the study of over 52,000 claims for personal injury compensation made in Ireland between 2013 and 2014. The new publication hopes to resolve current inconsistencies in the system.

Amongst other things, the estimates have been adjusted to account for inflation and the increase in cost of living over the years since its first publication. Additionally, more subdivisions in the categories of severity and permanence were added to make the settlements awarded more appropriate.

Potential claimants should note that, whilst the Book of Quantum only advises on physical injuries, one can also claim for consequences such as emotional trauma or financial loss. To investigate these possibilities, consult an experienced personal injuries solicitor.

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