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Car Crash at Roundabout Leads to €3,500 Compensation for Driver

August 11th, 2020. By Compensation News.

In Cork €3,500 roundabout accident compensation has been awarded to an individual who was forced to leave his employment due to the injuries that he sustained in the incident.

Isaac Cosmin Cirpaciu from Powerscourt had to give up his new role at a meat processing plant and go back to his previous employment at a fast food outlet as a result of the car crash that happened at a roundabout in Mallow. Mr Cirpacia informed presiding Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin said he experiences discomfort and pain through his right shoulder, neck, back, chest as a result of the accident

he took the action against the other driver in the incident Barry Maas.

The court was informed that Mr Cirapciu had come to a stop prior to entering the roundabout when Mr Maas’s car collided with his. He alleged that he was struck by the vehicle driven by Maas when it entered the left lane. However, Mr Maas claimed that Mr Cirpaciu had come across in to the lane that was driving in.

Mr Cirpaciu sustained hip injuries in the collision when his chest hit the steering wheel. Immediately after the incident the plaintiff went to his Doctor for treatment and, subsequent to this attending two physiotherapy treatment and a specialist consultancy.

He stated: “For around three or four weeks I went to my GP and he kept giving me painkillers.”Defence barrister Deirdre Keane asked Mr Cirpaciu about a previous accident in September 2016 for which he received compensation and asked what the reason was for not sharing that that he also suffered a right shoulder injury in that crash. Mr Cirpaciu’s legal representatives countered that a medical report concerning that accident had been furnished. Ms Keane argued that there was only information relating to other previous injuries given.

Forensic engineering specialists represented both parties in the case.
Speaking for the defence, forensic engineer Seamus Walsh referred to the marks on the front left wheel of Mr Maas’ car saying that this were indicative of a car that was turning right.

ON behalf of the plaintiff engineering specialist Michael Byrne stated that the evidence suggested to him that Mr Maas was travelling faster and had entered the left lane of the roundabout. .

Judge Ó Donnabháin described the accident as mild and the injuries as minor and awarded the plaintiff €3,500, together with costs.

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