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Man Injured in Car Accident Awarded €40,000 Road Traffic Accident Compensation

June 29th, 2019. By Compensation News.

A individual has been awarded just under €40,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court in relation to a road traffic accident that happened as he had been driving to his place of work along the M50 on December 21 2015

The Court was informed that Kieran Brennan of Monastery Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, had come to a halt at the Northwood exit when he was struck from behind by a car driven by Dylan Duffy.

He informed his barrister, Fiona Pekaar that he had, initially, experienced shoulder and neck pain but this had soon improved. Brennan said he had been left with constant lower back pain that had stopped him from taking part in the same standard of active lifestyle he had previously, including being unable to train for and enter a similar amount of marathon running and soccer matches as he had before the accident took place.

Medical testimony was presented in court to indicate that Brennan had a pre-accident degenerative condition. However Judge Groarke said that that condition had not been an problem prior to the accident and he believed it had been caused by the M50 incident.

In delivering his ruling, the Judge stated that Mr Brennan had been suffering with a bulging disk in his back and although most medical reports had suggested this had not been due to the accident, he could not ignore the report. He said that it had clearly been one of the outcomes of the accident.

Legal counsel for the defendant pointed to the fact that Mr Brennan had taken part in the ‘Hell and Back’ obstacle course in Bray, Co Wicklow in October 2016 which was a difficult assault course involving various activities and obstacles to be tackled.

However, Judge Groarke said Mr Brennan still trains for and enters a number of marathons and plays soccer once a week and the court did not believe his level of physical activity was at the same level as it had been before the accident happened.

Judge Groarke said he was sympathetic to Mr Brennan and awarded him road traffic accident compensation of €35,000 and special damages of €4,424.82 against Mr Dylan Duffy, however a stay was granted on his award on condition Mr Brennan was paid out  €20,000.

Birth Injury Case Against Health Service Executive Settled for €17.2m

July 7th, 2018. By Compensation News.

A four-year-old disabled boy who sued in relation to the events that took place during birth has settled his High Court action against the Health Service Executive with a final lump sum payment of €15.5m.

The total amount being paid to the young boy, Charlie Enright, who has cerebral palsy and is physically disabled, is now €17.2.

President of the High Court Mr Justice Peter Kelly, approved the total award on Friday. It is thought to be the highest ever for a catastrophically injured person who sued over care at birth.

Charlie’s parents Caitriona and Anthony Enright, from Limerick, released a statement saying that they could now get on with their lives.

It read: “What Charlie lost in August 2013 is priceless. No amount of money can replace it. We are happy with the settlement.”

Mr Justice Kelly, as he was approving the settlement, praised the Enrights and said Charlie’s treatment was a ’family affair’ and the whole extended family had got together to care for “a remarkable boy.”

In 2016 Charlie Enright’s case against the HSE – arising out of his birth at the Midwestern Regional Maternity Hospital, Limerick – was settled with a first interim payment of €1.75m to cover his needs for two years.

Liability was  admitted early in the case, the court heard.

Charlie’s mother told the Court that in the last two years they have started to build a house specially adapted for Charlie beside the family home. She added that her son’s  physical ability had got much better and the difficulty for Charlie  was he was “locked in and communication is a big problem.”

Mrs Enright, who has taken a career break to care for her son, told the High Court that Charlie is starting at the local school in September.

Mrs Enright had been admitted to the hospital  at 37 weeks in to her pregnancy with Charlie on August 19, 2013. Physician took the decision to induce labour after several tests were completed.

In the birth injury compensation action, it was alleged in the events that followed there was a breach of duty with a failure to provide an acceptable standard of care during the labour and up to the time of Charlie’s birth.


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