Occupational dermatitis

Occupational Dermatitis Compensation

My mother works as a cleaner and I wondered what are the steps needed for her to claim occupational dermatitis compensation? She has recently developed the condition and is unsure of how to proceed.

Your mother’s employer may be liable to pay her occupational dermatitis compensation if it can be proven that he or she breached their duty of care to ensure that your mother was protected from risk of injury. Occupational dermatitis is commonly caused by exposure to chemicals in a work setting and your mother will be entitled to claim compensation for her condition provided that her employer is found to be negligent.

Your mother may be eligible to claim for occupational dermatitis compensation if she was not correctly informed on the risks associated with using harmful chemicals as part of her training. Irritant contact dermatitis is an avoidable condition that can be prevented by making sure that any contact with hazardous chemicals is kept to the lowest possible level and protective clothing must be supplied, such as the use of safety gloves or even latex gloves and overalls. If your mother was provided with the appropriate protective clothing but chose not to use it she will not be able to make her claim.

Your mother’s employer can be deemed responsible in her occupational dermatitis compensation claim if he or she did not carry out all reasonable procedures to decrease the threat of injury from the handling of chemicals. He or she is legally obliged to conduct routine risk assessments and to identify any chemicals which could be hazardous to health.

A claim for occupational dermatitis compensation can only be made if your mother’s employer was informed of her condition and if her medical records were updated with details of her illness and diagnosis. Therefore, it is vital that your mother has visited a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. It is also highly necessary to have your mother’s illness noted in her employer’s “Accident Report Book”, with an account of how she came into contact with the chemical irritant and details of the chemicals that she worked with which are believed to have been those which activated the condition.

It is vital that your mother engage a solicitor to assist in proving her employer’s negligence who can evaluate whether or not she has a viable claim for occupational dermatitis compensation. If a claim is possible, she will be advised on the likelihood of its success along with the amount of compensation she may be able to claim.

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