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Office Accident Compensation

I want to claim office accident compensation because I broke my wrist when I slipped at work except I’m afraid that my boss will be upset. What should I do?

Making a claim for office accident compensation against your employer can be a stressful experience, particularly if you are worried about how the suit will affect your working relationship. Many people are reluctant to pursue a claim for fear of being treated badly by their employer or colleagues, that it may affect future opportunities for promotion or that they may even lose their job. However most employers are sincerely concerned for their employee’s welfare and distressed that they are responsible for the injury they sustained. It is worth noting that compensation settlements for office accidents are not usually paid for by the employer personally but by their liability insurance company.

It would be worth your while consulting with a solicitor about your office accident compensation claim, especially if you are anxious about your employer’s reaction. An experienced solicitor who has dealt with similar cases would be able to handle your case as delicately as possible to ensure that no unnecessary distress is caused.

In Ireland, every office accident compensation claim is submitted to the Injuries Board to be assessed and it is recommended that your solicitor can review your application before sending it. Although most claims for accident compensation are straightforward, any omission or error has the potential to result in you being undercompensated for your office injury. A solicitor would be in a good position to ensure that each element of your claim is adequately accounted for.

In the event that the Injuries Board assessment is denied by your employer or if the resulting proposal for compensation is rejected by either party, your solicitor would be able to enter direct negotiations with your employer’s legal representatives in order to secure a fair and sufficient compensation settlement. If your employer admits liability in the early stages of your claim and you are approached directly by their insurers with an early offer of compensation, your solicitor could evaluate the offer and determine whether it adequately represents your injury and the impact it has had on your life.

It must be said that a claim for office accident compensation can only be made if your injury was caused either by action or lack of action by the negligence of a third party who owed you a duty of care. You should consult with a solicitor at the first possible moment, who can assess the circumstances of your accident and injury and determine whether you have a claim worth pursuing.

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