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Social Media Moderator Court Action for Compensation

When it comes to submitting a social media moderator court action for compensation linked to psychological suffering you should first be aware of a number of different things.

The content that Facebook and YouTube moderators must look over includes a multitude of very graphic and disturbing videos and pictures. There have already been a number opf compensation claims filed in relation to the trauma that moderators have suffered from thanks to the work duties that they must perform on a daily basis.

What is a Facebook Moderator/YouTube Psychological Trauma Caused by?

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be caused when moderators look over hundreds of thousands of hours of flagged graphic videos and pictures so that they can mark inappropriate content for deletion. These decisions are made is the images are either graphic in nature or deemed inappropriate for sharing publicly on the social media platform.

There is also a high target, 98%, to be reached to garner a good review from managers in the moderation providers. Additionally there have been a number of legal actions which describe accounts of moderators suffering from sleep deprivation caused by working expectations.

Facebook Moderator Trauma Claims

There have been compensation claims submitted in the United States and Ireland in the last 12 months against Facebook and some of it external review partners. Both are expected to supply training and counselling for their content moderators so they can cope with the material that needs to be reviewed.

When this is taken into account along with the disturbing picture and video content that the moderators must review there is a high chance that the moderators will suffer from psychological trauma.

YouTube Moderator Trauma

YouTube conducted a massive hiring campaign in 2017 in order to curb the massive influx of disturbing content that was recorded at that time. At the time CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, said that the online video platform was seeking to grow the content-moderation staff in order to aid reviewing of videos and provide additional for flagging and deleting unsuitable content.

Who do you take a Facebook or Facebook Psychological Trauma against?

In most instances, Facebook and YouTube moderators are employed hired by an external company that has agreed to supply these companies with moderation services. Due to this any compensation case is filed against all organizations involved in such a partnership. Liability will be decided during the legal action.

Taking a Compensation Claim for Facebook & YouTube Moderator Trauma

The best move that you can make is to consult with an experienced solicitor prior to beginning a claim for psychological trauma caused by moderating Facebook and YouTube. A solicitor will guide you along the appropriate path for your compensation claim.

As soon as possible you should contact a qualified solicitor to start your compensation claim.

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